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How To Deodorize Your Air Vents

Posted on November 8, 2022

When you get a weird smell in your Lewisville home’s air vents, it can make your whole house smell terrible. Air vents have some reach, as they’re designed to, and as a result, you’ll generally want them to smell nice. If you’ve noticed a nasty odor coming from your Lewisville air vents, don’t worry because there are a few ways to solve it.

Air Fresheners

You can place an air freshener inside your air vents to help with strange smells. You can use a typical car air freshener or get something fancier. Be careful not to block the vent, as this can be potentially dangerous. And if you have pets, ensure the fresheners you use are pet-safe.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are well-known for smelling nice and are great for deodorizing the rooms in your Lewisville home. All kinds of devices emit oil scents that you can use to freshen up a room. Although again, ensure the oils you use are safe and don’t block any vents. Sometimes, the health benefits of essential oils are exaggerated, so make sure you’re not doing anything risky.


Potpourri is a classic way to make any room smell nicer. It’s probably best to place potpourri somewhere on a table near the vent rather than in the vent itself. Potpourri, like air fresheners and essential oils, comes in many varieties, and you can choose your favorite.

Spray White Vinegar

White vinegar is well known for being an effective deodorizer and cleaning agent. Mix one part white vinegar with one part water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the inside of your vents with the solution.

Vacuum Your Dust

All previous solutions only cover up whatever is causing the scent. If you want to go straight for the cause, vacuum the dust first. You probably won’t be able to go very deep, but you can get much of the surface-level dust out with a good vacuum. If you don’t know how to clean ducts, do plenty of research on how to do it right.

Scrub Your Air Vent Cover

You can remove the air vent cover and scrub it with a toothbrush to eliminate dust and any other gunk stuck there. Afterward, make sure that it dries thoroughly. That way, you don’t risk mold in your air ducts, which can turn nasty, and you’d need a professional to remove them.

Change Filters

If you aren’t changing your air filters regularly, you should do so now. Air filters can fill with all kinds of particles from around your home and potentially cause a nasty smell if they haven’t been changed in a while. As a result, you need to change them out every three months.

Call A Professional

If you still can’t get the smell out of your air ducts, call a Lewisville air duct cleaning professional. This is a great way to guarantee that your air ducts are as thoroughly cleaned as possible. Our technicians can clean everything out for you, including whatever is causing the smell. Overall, an expert Lewisville air duct cleaner is the most effective way to clean your ducts.

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