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Why Do People Clean Their Air Ducts?

Posted on December 13, 2022

We get some inquiries once and a while asking what types of problems duct cleaning solves. Potential customers may have a sense that something is wrong with their building but don’t know if an air duct cleaning service can help them. So here is why most people clean their ducts.

Reduce Seasonal Allergies

There are many allergens floating around in the air during the various times of the year. Those allergens can kick around in a building for a while, cycling in and out of your vents as you use your climate control or even just the fans.

If you want whatever is making your allergies gone, it is a good idea to use air duct cleaning. Simply vacuuming and dusting is only addressing the symptoms. But without going into the air duct, there is no way of knowing how much of the troublesome substance is laying in wait, ready to blow out.

Lower Energy Bills

Any blockage in your ventilation system restricts airflow. If warm or cool air cannot pass through easily, it will take longer to reach the set temperature on your thermostat. The longer you run your heater or air conditioner, the more money you are spending. So increasing airflow will end up saving you money.

In the case of something more specific like [dryer vent cleaning], you are also going to be spending less money on energy. With a blocked dryer vent, the moisture is not able to leave the dryer, which makes it take more time to get your clothes dry. The longer you run your dryer, the more you pay for electricity.

Eliminate Bad Smells

There are all manner of foul odors that can be coming from your vents. But whatever has ended up in there can be removed with professional vent cleaning services. Stop using arousal sprays and plug-in air fresheners because they are only masking the smell.

A smell is an indication of a larger issue. The reason a smell seems “bad” to us is that we have evolved to notice that smell as a sign of a larger problem. So don’t keep breathing in bad air that you have coated because it is not actually making your air any better to inhale.

Limit Dust

The debris in your air ducts blows out every time you use any form of climate control. And where does that dust end up? It ends up everywhere. And dust does not just lead to more sneezing and whatnot. It also makes you have to clean more often.

The more dust in your ventilation system, the more dust is going to end up on the surfaces. If you find that you have been dusting or sneezing a lot, now that you are using your heater or air conditioner more often, it is a good idea to call for duct cleaning.

Clear Up Mold 

Mold loves to grow in vents. It has no sunlight, and with a drip of water from your condenser coils, there is enough for it to grow. One of the biggest problems with fungus is that it often ends up on the condenser coils, which is where all the air passes through.

With all the air running through the mold, each breath you take is going to have spores. Many fungi are not deadly, but even mostly harmless spores can cause some amount of irritation. It is very difficult to clear up mold without it regrowing, so contact a local Angel Duct Cleaning service.

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